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200 days. Congratulations on our next anniversary!

The laying of wine for aging took place on July 20, 2017, and the aging period, approaching February 05, 2018, already counts 200 days.

The wine on exposure was subjected to a number of technological operations: processing with heat and cold, stabilizers, sulfur dioxide and oxygen dosing, filtration, blending, refilling and refilling.

In the process of aging we naturally encountered also various kinds of pests and ill-wishers. But endurance, such would not be, if it did not help the guilt to develop, ensuring its optimal maturation.We can confidently say that the endurance "brings up" wine!

The French say: A day without wine is a day without the sun.

In Vinom Veritas


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First small anniversary

We congratulate all the admirers of In Vinom Veritas on our small holiday!!!

It's been a full six months since the moment when we first opened the doors of our wine department "True lovers of Truth"!

So, without immediately attracting attention, we quietly found customers wishing to open their own enotecs, or to attract our company to serve their small wine shops.
Gradually expanding and embracing more and more new markets, we have become more visible among other companies offering similar services.


During these six months we have acquired a lot of regular customers and simply connoisseurs of our work. A lot of flattering reviews we see on social networks, various chat rooms and even in the foreign segment of YouTube. It's nice when your work can be appreciated.

Smoothly developing, we were in the leading positions on TOP blogging and monitors, which is very agreeable.
Just unhurried, our company continues to cover and foreign blogs. Gradually strengthening in the markets of Vietnam with plans for further development in the markets of China and Spain.

I welcome you, GodfatherBlog

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Some viticulture traditions extant practically unchanged. Information about the ancient history of Armenian winemaking came to us in the works of such well-known historians and philosophers as Herodotus and Strabo, who witnessed many events on the territory of Armenia. The Greek troops set foot on the land of Nairi (the ancient name of Armenia) in the distant 401-400 BC.


Since the Armenians were very hospitable people, they treated the Greek soldiers to Armenian wine and even beer, which was stored in special large pots in deep dugouts. Xenophon, the Greek historian of the 5th century, in his legendary work Anabasis wrote about Armenian wine: "There were storages of wheat and barley, and vegetables, and wine was being cooked in magnificent vessels ... The wine without any water was very strong, and its aroma was pleasant, but it was necessary to get used to its taste ".

The Armenian wine was started to export to Europe in the Middle Ages. This fact was documented by a representative of the Lithuanian king, who had bought wine for the royal court in Vilnius.


The drink of the color of a wild rose always fascinated and giddied. Production of rosé wine was started in the 15 century. Despite the relative complexity of the technology, it enjoyed the continuous popularity and love of winemakers, due to its light taste and rich aroma..


Nevertheless, today the popularity of rosé wine is quite low, as compared to white or red wine. The reason may be in the lack of information about this drink. Well, let's try to improve the situation.

There exists a popular misconception that pink wine is created by mixing white and red wine. In fact, it is produced from red and white grapes, using the technology, similar to that of the red wine. The difference is that the fruits themselves, which during the production of red wine remain in grape juice, are separated much earlier. Therefore, the coloring of the juice is not completed and the wine acquires a pleasant light pink shade.

The varieties of grapes used for the production of rosé wine do not differ from the others. The most widespread varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, etc. Not all the French provinces can boast of their rosé wine. Until recently, the most popular producer of rose wines was Provence, although Burgundy and Bordeaux are still loyal to this drink. Rosé wine is popular in the other European countries too. It is produced in Italy, Spain, and Portugal...

However, the rosé wines from Chile, Argentina and the USA gradually gain their popularity. There are several types of rosé wine. Zinfandel, light pink drink with hints of fruits, is very popular.


Recently, the Moldovan Parliament passed the law, officially recognizing wine as a foodstuff. It means you can buy it in every market after 22:00, while all the others alcoholic beverage are prohibited to sell at night. This status also opens the way for advertising in the mass media.The author of this bill, Ion Belan, considers that wine, unlike strong spirits, has positive effect on the body. According to deputies in the parliament, the decision to impose wine to the status of the food product will have a positive impact on the popularization of the drink and the state support of Moldovan producers.


Statistic says that more than 130 million liters of wine are produced in Moldova annually. It is also important to note that the International Organization of Vine and Wine has published data that world wine production has started to decline rapidly and now the rates are at the lowest level since 2012. Probably, the above-mentioned bill could partially improve this situation.


The investor

In Vinom Veritas is an exquisite project for people with an excellent taste, who choose to invest into responsible personnel, relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service meeting the highest requirements.
In Vinom Veritas is the perfect place to pamper your receptors, enjoying the high quality work of our cavists.