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How can I contact you?
We provide customer support service via Telegram live chat. As an alternative, you can contact our admin directly using Telegram, or send us an email.
What is the schedule of your customer support service?
We provide customer support service 9:00 – 18:00 MSK, from Monday to Friday.
What additional information does company compile from the customers?
We do not use any information about our customers without public notification. However, all the transactions and financial perspectives are checked to the last cent. We use this information anonymous only in order to control total situation.
How many accounts can I create?
The number of the accounts you can create is unlimited. However, it is strictly prohibited to create new accounts in order to get sham affiliate commission. If we find out about the fraud, your funds will be frozen and your account will be blocked.
How many deposits can I create?
The number of deposits you can create is unlimited.You should also be aware of the possibility of opening deposits on several different plans.
Is it possible to change the senior referral I used for the registration?
You can change your senior referral by contacting our customer support before making the deposit only.
What are the timeframes of the funds withdrawal?
All the withdrawals in our company are made manually. It may take up to 28 hours to withdraw the funds. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.10


The investor

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