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In vinom veritas – is a global company, whose primary activity is to create and supply of private enoteche.

Buying a vintage wine is a point of prestige and a good investment….

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Wine demands a good appellation, and there are not so many clean territories. France can no longer produce much more than it produces now, while world consumption is growing constantly due to the fact that new markets are opening up.

- 2 -

Wine is something that keeps rising in price all the time over the years. Great Britain trades in wine for thousands years. It is the biggest secondary market in the world. It is a matter of convention that the French likes to sell immediately after production. At the same time, the English are financiers and prefer to buy wine, to store it for some time and to sell it to another country.

- 3 -

However, not all the wines can become vintage ones. Some of them just do not have the necessary potential and will deteriorate of a long-time storage. Here our company will relieve you.

- 4 -
“There are more old wine lovers then old doctors” – a French proverb.
- 5 -

Recently, the tradition to buy a bottle of vintage wine at the birth of a child gains its popularity. This bottle could be opened on the jubilee or on the wedding day.

- 6 -

There are more than 80 varieties of wine in the world. Besides the traditional ones, there exist fruit, berry, herb, raisins and multi-variety.

- 7 -

Careful assortment selection includes not only the idea of “wide choice”, but also contains one more idea, namely “safety”. Our customer can always be sure that inside the bottle, he will find exactly what is written on the label, and there cannot be any infringing goods, surrogates and "gray" products.

- 8 -

Another problem is that there is usually no special wine cellar in the house, and the wine is often stored in an inappropriate place where, for example, is too warm or light.

- 9 -

Our special company has appeared in response to the evergrowing demand. We offer our customers the full series of services, exempting them from the necessity to choose, store and serve the collection.

- 10 -
“Life is too short to drink bad wine” – Goethe.
- 11 -

Five years ago, the two largest auction companies: Christie and Sotheby’s conducted organized trade in vintage wines. Growing popularity of vintage wines investments in Europe and the USA led to emergence of a quantity of small companies. In recent years, the wine business has been actively promoted on the Internet. There appeared the special wine funds and wine-exchanges.

- 12 -

Love of truth highly appreciated by our company, allows us to acquire new knowledge and skills, offering an ever-wider range of services to our customers.

- 13 -
“Good wine makes us see all the things in the most pleasant light” – Aristophanes.
- 14 -

In vinom veritas – just remember: in wine you can find not only the truth, but quite good income too.

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The investor

In Vinom Veritas is an exquisite project for people with an excellent taste, who choose to invest into responsible personnel, relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service meeting the highest requirements.
In Vinom Veritas is the perfect place to pamper your receptors, enjoying the high quality work of our cavists.